Our aim was to offer Sports Prescription Glasses at a reasonable price...

At Kaga we are just like you, we ride, we board, we run and we cycle so finding Prescription Glasses has always been a problem especially without breaking the bank. We not only wanted to make them affordable but durable at the end of the day you buy cheap you buy twice was not something we wanted our customers to say, so we went for the highest grade TR90  material for our frames and Polycarbonate UV protected Polarised lenses as standard.

At Kaga we are all about community if we can help make your buying process easier or ht product better we will take on board your comments and change it the best way we can.

As you asked us, we delivered a NEW lens option the Reaction Lens also known as Photochromic Lens, These lenses are great for all sports outside the luxury of not needing to carry a spare lens when that British weather turns on you at a drop of a hat is no longer problem. The Reaction Lens will change to your surroundings so if it's Sunny they will change to dark and if it's Dull they will change to clear depending on the intensity of the sun.

Anyway enough from us here at the Kaga office we currently only have the lens as an additional lens option but will soon have them as a full standard set. 

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